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A Love Story Like No Other
It all started back in 1979 in Trani, Italy, when a young Giuseppe Mastrorillo started to work in his father's factory producing bedsheets and pillowcases. It was there where Giuseppe was struck with a profound sense of wonder and purpose, the smell of the cotton, the sounds of the machines, and the overall sense of camaraderie between the workers. The young man found his calling. Though his family had made their sheets in the same way for generations, Giuseppe saw immediately there were ways he could innovate the process and product. He brought in the first embroidery machine to the south of Italy. Along with his own unique ingenuity he quickly doubled factory production, to the shock of everyone.

This experience inspired the young Giuseppe to start his own company in the center of Andria, Italy. Times were tough: his “factory” was a single room workshop with nothing but that embroidery machine and one worker. There were times when he didn’t have the money to pay himself or the man he hired. A whole year passed, and he sold not one single bedsheet. It was truly a desperate time for his young company.

Then he met Rosa Boccuzzi, the girl that would change his life, and company, forever. It was by chance, through friends, that Rosa met Giuseppe. They fell in love immediately and married. So in love, Rosa decided to work with her beloved Giuseppe, believing that the two of them together could do anything.

They decided the new company needed a new name: “Emmegi,” a spelled-out version of the letters MG (Mastrorillo Giuseppe). As the years went on, they became more successful, and the company continued to grow. In 2012, they renamed the company “Boccuzzi” group. It was at this same time a “textile crisis” hit Italy. Many factories and fabric mills were closing their doors. “It was a challenge to keep our dream alive when there were so many odds against us,” reflected Giuseppe.

While all this was happening, the Boccuzzi group actually grew their company at a crazy pace and expanded to new heights. No one could have predicted the success of this little factory in Andria, but Giuseppe and Rosa never stopped believing that together they could do anything.

The Boccuzzi Mission today is to take the Boccuzzi passion, values, and high-quality products to the USA and the world, continuing the dream built on a foundation of attention to detail, dedicated hard work and love.

Boccuzzi and the Olive Tree...

In the Italian southeast region of Puglia olive trees are everywhere. They have been around for over a millennium and are an inherent part of the local culture. Olive trees are like family, they are valued as sacred.

Like the olive trees, the Boccuzzi family has been in Puglia for generations. From humble beginnings, they cultivated their family business – branch by branch - planting the seeds for success and nurturing their ever-evolving textile factory. Their tireless devotion and hard work are a symbol of southern Italy’s way of life – the fruits of their labor are 100% Italian, 100% authentic, 100% family made.
The Boccuzzi mission is to bring our passion for luxury handcrafted Italian products to the U.S. market, expanding our worldwide success and fulfilling the dream built on attention to detail, dedicated hard work and love. We are committed to the environment, health, wellness, and comfort in the home, and take pride in our strong customer relationships. Our goal is to create a seamless product experience from start to finish.
We write the words “100% Handcrafted in Italy” with pride in our products because they stand for creative passion, expertise and work ethic, the essential values that inspire our choices and activities every day.

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