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mattress protector

Cotton Mattress Protector
with waterproof liner
Yes, It’s Water Proof! Yet Not Stiff & Crunchy
Best of All, It’s OOPS PROOF
Don’t wait for your mattress to get ruined by a cup of coffee or those nasty nighttime accidents. Bring your mattress protector to the next level with our waterproof protection — designed to safeguard your mattress against liquids, odors, stains and normal use. We know when you hear waterproof, you worry that it feels stiff and crunchy because there isn’t any breathability. NOT OURS! They’re lightweight and feel amazing too — no stiff and crunchy bed or sweaty nights. That’s because our Boccuzzi Home products are made of cotton that are luxuriously soft and naturally breathable…. So they don’t trap heat and cause sweating or cold, uncomfortable nights.
Naturally Pure Italian Cotton
Handcrafted in Italy
Soft and Stretchy
Elastic Band Fits Snug
Machine Washable
No Lumps or Bumps
Naturally Slip Resistant
10 Year Warranty
Fits up to 15” mattress | Deep Pocket fits up to 25"
Available in:
 Twin, TwinXL, Full, Queen, King, California King
The Boccuzzi mission is to bring our passion for luxury handcrafted Italian products to the U.S. market, expanding our worldwide success and fulfilling the dream built on attention to detail, dedicated hard work and love. We are committed to the environment, health, wellness, and comfort in the home, and take pride in our strong customer relationships. Our goal is to create a seamless product experience from start to finish.
We write the words “100% Handcrafted in Italy” with pride in our products because they stand for creative passion, expertise and work ethic, the essential values that inspire our choices and activities every day.

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