The World’s Finest Handcrafted Italian Mattress Protectors & Sheets

"Let's Be Retail Partners"

Selecting the right partner to complement your ecosystem requires exceptional capabilities, reputation and resources. Boccuzzi Home is an industry leader — a company that has been successfully selling 100% natural cotton products to the luxury market for over 10 years. We are committed to the environment, to health and wellness, and to our customers. The most successful partnerships are built upon a foundation of trust, therefore our goal is to give our retail partners the best product quality, pricing, and service possible. We have a strong global presence with worldwide success, and are excited to expand our all natural product line across the US. We take pride in our strong customer service and are committed to creating a seamless product experience from start to finish — for both you and your customers.
"We're looking for like-minded retail partners who share our values. We want you to succeed in your business as much as we want to succeed in ours.”

The Boccuzzi mission is to bring our passion for luxury handcrafted Italian products to the U.S. market, expanding our worldwide success and fulfilling the dream built on attention to detail, dedicated hard work and love. We are committed to the environment, health, wellness, and comfort in the home, and take pride in our strong customer relationships. Our goal is to create a seamless product experience from start to finish.
We write the words “100% Handcrafted in Italy” with pride in our products because they stand for creative passion, expertise and work ethic, the essential values that inspire our choices and activities every day.

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