The World’s Finest Handcrafted Italian Mattress Protectors & Sheets


JK from North Carolina says: “I didn’t believe that a mattress protector could improve my sleep, but since I put my Boccuzzi protector on, my sheets stay put and my bed stays smooth, no matter if I toss and turn.”
Carla from Naples says: “I have used Boccuzzi’s products for many years now, and let me just say that there is NO PRODUCT that is this high quality for this low a price, it is without a doubt the best covers on the market!”
Francesca from Turin says: “I purchased a waterproof Boccuzzi covers for my baby's crib last year. My baby has wet the bed many times and the mattress was never damaged, I followed the cleaning instructions for it as well, and it is still very good even today, fantastic covers!”
Federica from Ascoli Piceno says: “I have been incredibly impressed with my Boccuzzi mattress covers and bedsheets. I have two young daughters so I am constantly cleaning the covers, and even though I wash them often they have not shrunk and have maintained their original quality, this is definitely a product made to last. Thanks Boccuzzi!”
Giovanni from Lecce says: “My father used Boccuzzi covers and so do I, so when my daughter got married and moved out, I made sure she bought and uses Boccuzzi covers, from one generation to another, we are definitely customers for life!”
The Boccuzzi mission is to bring our passion for luxury handcrafted Italian products to the U.S. market, expanding our worldwide success and fulfilling the dream built on attention to detail, dedicated hard work and love. We are committed to the environment, health, wellness, and comfort in the home, and take pride in our strong customer relationships. Our goal is to create a seamless product experience from start to finish.
We write the words “100% Handcrafted in Italy” with pride in our products because they stand for creative passion, expertise and work ethic, the essential values that inspire our choices and activities every day.

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